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I am happy to welcome you to my website.


Are you are looking for a solution, a decision or a new perspective? Do you suffer from anxiety and panic attacks? Nothing works anymore? You no longer feel joy in your life? Your partnership is no longer like in the beginning? Are you worried about your child? Solutions are out of sight?

There are phases in all of our lives when thoughts go in circles and decisions or new paths are out of sight. 

I am happy to offer you professional support on your way to your individual solution.

"Paths are made by walking." (Franz Kafka)

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Methods & Settings

In psychotherapy, respect and cooperation are important to me. I see every person in their individuality and I take time to hear your concerns, wishes and goals. From my point of view, people already carry the right solutions for them within themselves. I see my task as accompanying you on this path.​


I work according to to the principle of family therapy , which sees people in the context of their social relationships. Our relationships influence our lives and our behavior, and we also have the opportunity to influence our relationships. If we change our perspective, our communication or our behavior, it has the potential to affect the relationships and systems in which we live. 


I offer psychotherapy for individuals, couples* and families for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

Individual therapy

In individual therapy, the focus lies on you as a person with your current situation, your needs and concerns . I strive for an appreciative, trusting and cooperative psychotherapeutic relationship that enables a constructive and solution-focused development of your individual objectives.

Couple* therapy

Recurring Conflicts , arguments about educational issues, listlessness, and much more are a few examples that can be discussed in couple therapy. Here you will find space to work on your relationship away from everyday life . You define the topics and non-topics. Impartiality is important to me in couples therapy.

Family therapy

In family therapy there is space for all topics related to family, generations, parenthood, patchwork, separation, educational issues and much more. Impartiality, listening to all opinions, taking on different perspectives and working out goals and solutions are central to me in family therapy. 


Mögliche Themen

Possible topics

Relationship & partnership

Parenting issues

Life crises & finding meaning

Challenges at work


Anxiety and compulsions

Psychosomatic diseases

Family and parenting

Patchwork family

LGBTIQA* identities



Eating disorders

Living with HIV


General conditions

First interview

After the appointment has been made, the first interview takes place. It serves to clarify your concerns and expectations for psychotherapy. We also determine whether we "go well together". 

If you decide to have psychotherapy, we will discuss the frequency of the sessions and the likely duration of the psychotherapy.

Session Duration and Cost

Individual, couple or family therapy à 50 min: € 80.00

Couple or family therapy à 90 min: € 160.00

A limited contingent of social tariffs is available.

Billing with the health insurance company is currently not possible. Some private insurance companies cover part of the costs. Please check with your insurance company.

Cancellation policy

By making an appointment, this hour is reserved for you. If you are unable to attend, please note that sessions must be canceled by phone, email or SMS at least 48 hours before the agreed appointment. Otherwise, I reserve the right to charge for the missed hour.


The duty of confidentiality is regulated in Section 15 of the Psychotherapy Act and obliges psychotherapists and their assistants to maintain confidentiality about all secrets entrusted to them or that have become known to them in the exercise of their profession. Everything that is discussed in psychotherapy is considered a secret.

About me

Work experience

since 2022: Private Practice

since 2021: Counselling Center Courage

since 2008: Aids Help Vienna

2021: Klinik Donaustadt, geriatric psychiatry

2021: Psychotherapeutic outpatient clinic of the ÖAS Vienna


since 2020: Systemic family therapy, ÖAS - Austrian working group for systemic therapy and systemic studies, Vienna

2019: Psychotherapeutisches Propädeutikum, VRP - Rogerian Psychotherapy Association, Vienna

2008-2011: Studies in Sociology, University of Vienna (without a degree)

2008: Completion of diploma studies in health management, FH Joanneum, Bad Gleichenberg


I have a daughter and I like to spend my free time with stimulating conversations, reading and being in the countryside.

Über mich

Contact Me!

To get in touch or make an appointment, send me an email, call me or fill out the contact form:

Wasnergasse 19/4

1200 Vienna

Thank you for your message! I will contact you as soon as possible.


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